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Re: phpBB upgrade

PostPosted: 3:26pm, Wed 08 Apr, 2009
by H2B2
Glad the upgrade has come through!

I agree with the comments made by CS2 with regard to font size of the left navigation bar and forum subtitles.

Additionally the font type used in the top navigation bar (and in other places as well) seems to be different from the font type used in the site. Might be a good idea to maintain a uniform look and feel.

Re: phpBB upgrade - Issue with Search feature

PostPosted: 2:39pm, Thu 09 Apr, 2009
by H2B2
A number of users have reported the search function of the forum doesn't yield any search results.

I can confirm that the search function only seems to search the posts entered after the upgrade. Possibly just a question of re-indexing the whole posts database again.

As a temporary workaround, I suggest forum users use Google to search the forum.
Just enter the following search command in Google's search field to restrict searching to the phplist site: your search strings

Re: phpBB upgrade

PostPosted: 8:28am, Fri 10 Apr, 2009
by Diar
On top of some search phrases not returning any results, there are also some phrases wich just don't seem to be parsed in the forum search engine.

Try entering "gmail" as search word, it'll take you to the page where it says you should at least enter 1 word of 3 characters, with a max of 14 characters etc.

I found this because I was trying to find the posts about setting up bounce handling with a gmail account...
Thought I'd just post it in a reply here after I stumbled upon this topic.

Re: phpBB upgrade

PostPosted: 2:35pm, Mon 13 Apr, 2009
by basovink
* The tiny text was an ie-only problem. I have fixed it.
* Fixed visual problems.
* Search doesn't give proper results yet. A clean search index is being recreated, let's see whether it works after that.

Re: phpBB upgrade

PostPosted: 2:59pm, Tue 14 Apr, 2009
by basovink
Search index recreated. I also increased the limit for common words to 20%. This way you can search for 'mail', although you'll get tens of thousands of returns.

This concludes the migration to phpBB 3. Please keep reporting problems here and let's hope we can manage :evil: SPAM :evil: better now.

Re: phpBB upgrade

PostPosted: 5:09pm, Tue 14 Apr, 2009
by H2B2
Thanks for solving the remaining issues!