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New Forum features

Postby bevan » 7:10pm, Wed 22 Feb, 2006

A number of new features have been enabled in the forums:
    Prune threads
    Doesn't show threads with no new posts in the last 365 days. New PL releases mean that anything said a year ago, probably doesn't make a lot of sense now, especially if no-one has anything to add to the comment.
    Titles for users as they write more posts are fun for users and helps to create a type of relationship with the community. They identify advanced users quickly. Here are the recently applied ranking titles.
    Visual confirm on registration
    Stops bots from spamming the forums (but not people)
    PMs are now enabled
Discussion about this announcement is taking place in the 'Community' board: viewtopic.php?p=14831#14831

Thanks! :)
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