New Forum structure

Official announcements about phplist and the community

New Forum structure

Postby bevan » 7:20pm, Wed 22 Feb, 2006

As you've probably already noticed, there have been a number of changes in the forums. Please take some time to find your way around the new forum structure, and place your posts correctly. Below is the outline of the new structure. You can discuss it over in the 'Community' board: viewtopic.php?p=14831#p14831

Thanks! :)

PHPlist zone
    Official announcements about PHPlist and the community
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Start here! No need to ask twice
    Does PHPlist do this?
    Questions about PHPlist features; the answer is probably 'Yes!'
    External link to Documentation Wiki
    Installing & Upgrading
    Questions & Problems about Installing or Upgrading
    Questions & Problems – after installing
    Once you've installed PHPlist...
    Answers, Howtos, Tips & Tricks
    Solutions for other PHPlisters
Community zone
    Discussion about the PHPlist community
    Show us your PHPlist site
    Work & Commercial Projects
    Find a developer, service provider, or even a job!
    Discussions that don't fit elsewhere & discussions not related to PHPlist
Advanced zone
    Advanced talk for advanced PHPlisters, web developers and programmers
    Questions & Problems about Advanced Features
    Advanced Features are usually turned off by default
    Answers, Howtos, Tips & Tricks for Advanced Features
    Solutions for other advanced PHPlisters
    Feature Requests, Wish-list
    Things you'd like to see in PL
    Bug Discussion
    Discuss, research, share, find, and solve bugs!
    Bug Reports
    External link to Mantis Bug Tracker
    Add-ons, Contributions, Mods, Plug-ins
    3rd party code for PL
    Developers Zone
    Technical talk for developers
International zone
    Translators & Internationalization
    General talk about translations & I18n (Internationalization)
    Spanish forum
    Foro de habla español
    French forum
    Moderators Needed!
    German forum
    Moderators Needed!
    Portuguese forum
    Moderators Needed!
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