Considering moving to phpList for Large Email Deployment

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Considering moving to phpList for Large Email Deployment

Postby andypulse » 3:58pm, Thu 29 May, 2014

Our company is highly considering phpList for large email deployment. Currently on the scale of about 1 mil/day volume. Currently our system is a one manager multiple relay system and looking to keep that kind of scenario. One phpList manager to many postfix relays. We're wondering if phpList can handle this kind of volume and if there are any other special considerations to think about.

Thank you!
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Re: Considering moving to phpList for Large Email Deployment

Postby mariofau2 » 11:49pm, Tue 03 Jun, 2014

There are two different things, at what speed phplist sends messages to the smtp server and
at what speed the server sends messages. Try it in your hardware, in my Xeon server from 2006 phplist sends around 22 000 messages per hour. Postfix sends 4 emails per second, you can make it send more but beware, mail servers don't like to receive too much email in a brief time.

You also ask if phplist can send mails to different smtp servers, sorry I don't know, I think not.
Check the forums (I checked and it seems not). Good luck.
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