campaign sent, no viewed ...

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campaign sent, no viewed ...

Postby phil64 » 9:42am, Tue 29 Jul, 2014

Hi, after sending a campaign ther's no view (except mine) after 1/2 hour ... I've sent to 3 other emails adresses i have and i don't get the message. Problem with server ?

Subject AmeriSud, infos août
Date entered 2014-07-29 10:35:48
Date sent 2014-07-29 11:18:09
Sent as HTML 195
Sent as text 3
Sent 198
Bounced 0
Opened 1
% Opened 0.51
Clicked 0
% Clicked 0.00
Forwarded 0
Posts: 6
Joined: 5:43pm, Thu 05 Jun, 2014

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