Mailqueue hanging after sending two mails..

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Mailqueue hanging after sending two mails..

Postby pvd » 10:29am, Sat 11 Oct, 2014

Hi, my name is Peter and i could use some help here!

I am using the latest version: v3.0.8 / Chrome version: 37.0.2062.124 m / W7 x64
link to my phpList installation:

I've been searching this forum for 3 days now and I've found several related topics but none of them does it for me.
I've been using PHP-list for several years now and i'm stuck...

My isp only allows me to sent 100 mails an hour and up til now that wasn't a problem because of the throttle possibility's. I have about 1700 suscribers

The problem is that it doesn't matter what throttle i use, the system hangs in exactly the same way. The attached image shows the log file with these settings:

But it doesn't matter what settings i use in the configfile, the log always says:

Processing has started, 1 message(s) to process.

Please leave this window open. You have batch processing enabled, so it will reload several times to send the messages. Reports will be sent by email to ***

Processing message 71
Looking for subscribers
Found them: 1620 to process
Processed 3 out of 1620 subscribers (why 3? don't understand this one)
2 messages sent in 72.01 seconds (99 msgs/hr) (the seconds and the msgs/hr differs with different settings but it's always only 2 messages....)
finished this run
Less than batch size were sent, so reloading imminently....


Using Cronjob is no option, not allowed on server....
Any help would be so much appreciated..
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Re: Mailqueue hanging after sending two mails..

Postby danwaterloo » 1:31am, Tue 14 Oct, 2014

Hi Peter,

here's what I'd suggest trying...
shorten your batch period, so that the browser isn't sitting there for an hour, waiting for a refresh. It could be that the the server php setting times out after about a minute, which would allow the server to send about 2 emails, and then the script stops.

try these settings:


This would tell the system to 'reload' every 3 minutes (180 secs), send 5 emails max, with a delay of 20 seconds between each email. so, for the first batch, you'd send 5 emails in 100 seconds, and then wait until 180 seconds are up, and then repeat. 5 emails * 20 x hour, is 100/hour.

Let me know if it sends more than 2, and how many... we might want to tweak the settings a little.

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Re: Mailqueue hanging after sending two mails..

Postby pvd » 8:54am, Wed 05 Nov, 2014

Thanks for your reply, i'll try yhose settings in my next campign...
i'll let you know if it worked...
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