Can phplist send the emails too?

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Can phplist send the emails too?

Postby JoeyJoeJoeJrShabadoo » 1:37am, Sat 24 Jan, 2015

I'm a network guy. My brother is a programmer guy. I set up a test phplist server with postfix/dovecot/squirrelmail as the SMTP server. My brother thinks phplist can send emails without postfix (or any other smtp server), similar to how when you fill out a form on a website for a company to contact you, the website itself is able to send the email.

Do we need a VPS so we can also install postfix (or another kind of SMTP server -- I don't want to use gmail to relay email) or can we just get a simple linux "web hosting" plan and use phplist on a shared hosting environment?? I realize we'll probably need a static IP, so the whole "shared" idea is out the window (I think).

Does phplist need a separate SMTP server to send mail or is there a way to do it within the website code?

Thank you!
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Re: Can phplist send the emails too?

Postby Dragonrider » 10:00am, Sat 24 Jan, 2015

phpList can use either STMP or phpmail() to send the campaigns (eMails). This is set in the lists/config/config.php file.

Note however that sending "bulk emails" via phpmail() you do run the risk of finding your sent emails in the user's spam box. Using SMTP you can set up, via your server, SPF & DKIM which usually prevents your campaign being classed as spam. Check out the Version 3 Zone FAQ's for a walk through setting these up.
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Re: Can phplist send the emails too?

Postby JoeyJoeJoeJrShabadoo » 5:54pm, Sat 24 Jan, 2015

Thanks Dragonrider. Very useful! This will be a subscriber only setup so if anything, we could ask the subscribers to whitelist or add our email to their safe senders, but that isn't always practical. I do have SPF and DKIM (and a reverse DNS record) all in place on the test server and it's working well. I just found it hard to imagine all that work (the email server setup) was for naught. 8)

The trouble we're having, and which is why he jumped the gun and just purchased a "web hosting" only plan, is because I've been trying to get this [potentially dying] physical server into a VM but it's proving harder than what I'm used to. The phplist server is working so well, I'd hate to say "YES" to a seemingly benign update and have everything come to a screeching halt. Anyway, that's beside the point here.

I think we will go with the VPS so we can also set up postfix and all the fun stuff with it (SPF, DKIM, rDNS). I saw videos about how to use gmail to relay but not only do I not like their cap/relay limit.... it's.... Google. Besides, my brother programs in .NET/ASP/etc... (all the Windows stuff) and I don't even know if he'll know how to set up the phpmail() -- unless, in a programmers world, it is "straight forward".

Thanks again! :mrgreen:
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