HELP for phplist with multi domain.tld environment

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HELP for phplist with multi domain.tld environment

Postby lelanta » 7:19pm, Thu 16 Apr, 2015

We are an ISP and have customers and own services
hosted by ourself. (about 150 web sites.)

Our company servers are 100% powered by linux debian and
proxmox. (free softwares are the only way to keep privacy and security on the global

One person is in charge to promote our services and making email
marketing for our websites. this person is'nt developer, have'nt any
technical capabilities but is only end user of softwares.

Before now, she used a mail client (thunderbird) )to send about
1000 emails per week. These solution is'nt possible now because of the
number to send and also to be better in these task.

Now we have about 10.000 emails per week to send and a simple mail
client is'nt possible.

It's for that i defined to use a server side mass mail sender and
decided to use phplist that is for me in the 3 best GNU software
developped for this task. (thanks for your job)

Each web site online has no forums, no subcription page but only a
contact form. answers are registered in a database and we export
email addresses and other data in a csv file for post treatment.
(about 50 web sites for this task with each a proper domain name)

I understood that the use of phplist is for making newletters with
subscription forms only and not to send email campaigns indepently of
the web sites.

I installed phplist on a specific virtual machine which is used in
our intranet. it's work well

The problem is :

phplist is normally used to be attached to a single website with
subscription form which will populate the database of clients and
the campaign form is used to send email to a group of clients.

Even if the creation form for campaign include the sender email
address, these form not permit to define return address and external
mail server parameters used.

We only use external secured mail servers which ask for
authentification for all users (smtp and imap)

the email servers security need port 587 and STARTLS, TLS

To resume and help you to understand very well our context, we hope
to use phplist in the context :

- import clients from csv files
- create several standalone campaigns with for each a unique
address with a specific domain name and be able to define the choice
for an external mail server of our network (3 mail servers used)
each domain and mail addresses attached to are defined on one or two
mail servers for security.

Let me to suggest you what will be the best way to include these
functionality in phplist.

I think the best way will be to modify the campaign creation form
and include in text boxes behind the sender address a first text box
for the login parameters of the sender address (password,authetication
method and mail server address and port used), two other text boxes
to define parameters for the return email address to bounce

with these modifications, campaigns would be independant from any
website and parameters defined in config file.

and other way will be to be able to define all these parameters in
config file or database and use choice box to define the addresses
an server to use for this campaign.

With this functionality phplist will be the most powerfull mail
sender open source software.

Is a plugin exist for that or how to developp one that will be able to perform the task we need.

Now these functionnalities are perhaps already defined in phplist
but i not found on this forum anything. If yes thanks to explain me how to proceed
knowing that the person who make tje job to send campaigns has no access to config
files on servers but only access to frontend of phplist.

In case of the functionality is'nt available today, thanks to
confirm that it will be possible to include it in a new version and
if possible the time necessary to include it directly or with a plugin.
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Re: HELP for phplist with multi domain.tld environment

Postby duncanc » 3:44pm, Sat 18 Apr, 2015

phplist doesn't support what you describe. Perhaps the simplest approach is to have three instances of phplist, each one using a separate smtp server.
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Re: HELP for phplist with multi domain.tld environment

Postby lelanta » 11:56pm, Sun 19 Apr, 2015

hello duncanc,

Thanks for your answer.
The problem is not to declare 3 instances one for each mail server but, in this case, to declare about 50 instances because we have 50 different senders email address with each a different domain.tld. Perhaps i not explained well my problem.

To resume :
In the campaign create form, there is a text box for the sender email address but no text boxes for authentication of the sender with an external secured mail server and no text boxes to manage return email address and authentication to manage bounces for these campaign.

How to solve this problem by an other way that to modify each time the config file.

Thanks for your help
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Re: HELP for phplist with multi domain.tld environment

Postby duncanc » 8:44am, Mon 20 Apr, 2015

phplist doesn't do what you describe. You can raise an enhancement request on the bug tracking system, but I doubt that it will be accepted.

If you need to use phplist in the immediate future then either having a single instance of phplist that sends to all your clients, or having multiple instances of phplist are the only options.
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