subscription page customization.

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subscription page customization.

Postby pia » 6:52pm, Wed 28 Mar, 2007

I am trying to change the words "Confirm email" to "Confirm e-mail address" but can't seam to find where these words are populated from. I have changed the first "email" to "E-Mail Address". And the validation popup reads "Please enter your E-Mail Address", which is good.

I don't know how I will change the validation popup on the confirm email from "Please enter your Confirm email" to "Please confirm your e-mail address", it just reads better the second way. I found this line in for part of the wording of the popup box $strPleaseEnter = 'Please enter your';
I don't really want to change that because I don't know what else relies on that line, besides the first e-mail address validation popup.

It's kind of strange.

Any Ideas?

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Postby H2B2 » 7:29pm, Thu 29 Mar, 2007

Yes this is a bit hard to change, as you will need to modify the "checkform" javascript function.

Take a look at the code of lists/index.php around line 404, and see if you can modify the code to meet what you need.
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