Warning: The attachment repository does not exist or is not

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Warning: The attachment repository does not exist or is not

Postby Erush » 3:27am, Tue 17 Jul, 2007

Please I need assistance on the topic "Warning: The attachment repository does not exist or is not writable" which has been on my account since a few days after installing my phplist. I hope someone can tell me what this means and how to deal with it.

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Postby Mike_R » 8:23am, Tue 17 Jul, 2007

From /lists/config/Config.php

Code: Select all
# the attachment repository is the place where the files are stored (if you use
# this needs to be writable to your webserver user
# it also needs to be a full path, not a relative one
# for secutiry reasons it is best if this directory is not public (ie below
# your website document root)
$attachment_repository = '/tmp';

It looks like you either don't have a /tmp directory allocated by your ISP, or it's not set to allow the webserver to write to it. When you ftp files to your site, if you have a /www/ directory, you should also be able to see a /tmp/ directory there, which you then need to set read \ write permissions on for all users (technically only your webserver user, but all users is easier). Otherwise ask your ISP where your tmp directory is located.
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