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ER diagram

Postby lex » 9:41am, Mon 04 Jun, 2007

Hi guys.

I'm integrating out system with PHPlist. Our basic approach is to manipulate the PHPlist tables directly from our system. The bulk of the processing will be left of phplist. What I need to be able to do is.

i) Add users (mail recipients) to the PHPlist tables.
ii) Add those users to mailing lists.
iii) Add messages to be mailed out.

I've been trying to find an ER diagram for the PHPlist database. Does anybody know where I might find one, or alternatively a description of how the tables fit together. Looking at it it all seems fairly intuitive, but I don't want to miss anything.

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Postby H2B2 » 2:48am, Wed 06 Jun, 2007

Though I can't help you with the diagrams, this might possibly be useful in your project:
Phplist class -
A set of functions which provide a simple way to interact with phpList in your own programs (eg: adding a user who just purchased something from your website to a mailing list). It takes a list id, an email address, and optionally some attributes, and subscribes the user to that list. If the user already exists, the existing account will be subscribed. If it's a new user, they'll be added first. Users added in this way are pre-confirmed (they will not be sent a confirmation email).

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ERD for phplist Database (Not exhaustive)

Postby Guest » 1:50pm, Wed 20 Aug, 2008

ERD of phplist(Shows relationships for only the major tables)
I left out those those tables that were not relevant to me at this point and/or those where I could not figure out the usage/intention.
I tried adding the attachment here but with no success.
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Re: ERD for phplist Database (Not exhaustive)

Postby H2B2 » 11:44pm, Tue 30 Sep, 2008

shwetavagarwal wrote:ERD of phplist (Shows relationships for only the major tables)
Thanks for making this ERD available!

For those interested, shwetavagarwal's ER diagram (pdf file) can be downloaded here

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Re: ER diagram

Postby judgej » 12:27pm, Fri 13 Feb, 2009

I have posted an ERD on the 'concilience blog' that you may find useful. I'm afraid you will have to use Google to find it, as these lovely forums won't let me post anything that looks even slightly like a URL.

A clue: blog

-- Jason

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