[tip] Import issues can be caused by Bit Order Mark (BOM)

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[tip] Import issues can be caused by Bit Order Mark (BOM)

Postby Guest » 11:24pm, Mon 15 Sep, 2008

Hello All,
if you encode a text file in unicode and in UTF8, some applications, like UltraEdit or Notepad, write some invisible characters in a pattern named Bit Order Mark (BOM). For information see this page - the same page in french.

When you import your unicode file in phplist, the script (importcsv.php) don't understand the first column header named "email" because this text is attached to the invisible BOM characters.

To bypass this you must delete this BOM, usually with a good text editor software with the replace text function. This BOM code appear and is visible in binary mode (hexadecimal) with this strange characters :

    in UTF8 display in ANSI mode : 
    in UTF16 Little Endian encoding : ÿþ
    in UTF16 Big Endian encoding : þÿ

This characters are absolutly not necessary in UTF encodings but some browsers or application doesn't understand this special codes.

Hope this can help the PhpList users

Postby Ernesto » 11:55pm, Mon 15 Sep, 2008

Useful info! Thanks studiojb
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