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Regsitration problem

Postby SaWey » 10:56am, Wed 17 Dec, 2008


I just heard from someone on my forums he could not register on this forum. I tried it myself and no matter what I try, I always get an error that the email addres is banned, as well as the username.

Please look into this issue.
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Postby Dragonrider » 1:21pm, Wed 17 Dec, 2008

A bit of a clue, ie: username/email would be most useful.

Your friend may have fallen foul of a spammer that used the same username as there has been absolute floods of spam posted of late, as I'm sure you will have noticed.

Once spotted, these usernames are added to the banned list and their accounts deleted.
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Postby SaWey » 1:41pm, Wed 17 Dec, 2008

The one I can remember is:
username: [removed]
email: [removed]

I don't know about my user, but I don't think he used a name used by spammers, rather a concatenation of his first and last name
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Postby Guest » 5:56am, Sat 24 Jan, 2009

The same thing happened to me with when I tried using my hotmail account.
I've never been on these forums till today and never heard if phpList till yesterday.

the email address is
darthspongebob52 AT Hotmail DOT com

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