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Sending Issues with hotmail - SOLVED

Postby jakeyo » 11:40am, Thu 21 Jan, 2010

The company I work for have been using PHPList for a few months now to send out our newsletters to some 2,000 odd people. I've been testing the emails that I send before I send them out to make sure they look right etc etc.

For this I've been using different email address from our own company address, to hotmail and gmail. After a little teething issues it's been working great for us.

Now I'm having some issues with hotmail. It literally won't recieve any emails I am sending to it from PHPList, not even the test emails which is essentially one direct email from the list to my hotmail account. It's not being marked as spam or junk either.. There doesn't seem to be any logical reason why.

I also installed a tracking plugin to see who has opened the emails, and I noticed that nearly all (apart from a handful) of hotmail users had not opened the email, which makes me think that we're being stopped as spam/bulk and not even reaching the inboxes.

I've searched on the forums but not found anything concrete to do to change this.

Does anyone have any advice?

(Could it be related to the fact we are sending out bulk emails to certain email providers and they are marking it as spam straight away and stopping it? I've now put on Domain Throttling to try and prevent this.. but why am I not even recieving the test email?)
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Re: Sending Issues

Postby dlynes » 3:14pm, Thu 21 Jan, 2010

Have you checked your mail server log? I would check there before anything else. Checking anywhere else first is a complete waste of resources. If hotmail is rejecting the email from you, you'll find out right away by checking the logs. If they accept the email, but it still doesn't show up, it's either in the spam folder, or they lost it in their myriad of mail servers (trust's known to happen.)

But at least by checking your log files (if you don't have logs for your particular mail server..not sure why you wouldn't, you can always do a pcap or wireshark trace), you can be sure whether hotmail received the mail, or not. Yahoo and Hotmail regularly reject mail if your mail server doesn't meet certain criteria, and aol is even more restrictive.
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Re: Sending Issues

Postby mmmanyeung » 7:12am, Fri 22 Jan, 2010

I have this problem too, no email can reach hotmail account even I sent a test email. Furthermore, gmail marked me as spam for all email account from my domain using phplist.

I found that the problem happens after I upgrade the latest version of phplist, before that it worked fine. Any suggestions?

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Re: Sending Issues

Postby jakeyo » 11:44am, Thu 28 Jan, 2010

I did a quick check by setting up PHPList on a completely different hosting account that I own.

My hotmail account recieves this completely fine - all emails appear straight away.

So obviously this means that for some reason hotmail is blocking phplist from our servers.

Any advice on how I could resolve this. As far as I'm aware everything is set up right, and nothing would cause it to be classed as spam - but even then, emails are not being recieved at all (not even going into junk/spam).

I don't have access to our mail logs as it's all done through BT, as is out website hosting etc...
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Re: Sending Issues

Postby CS2 » 4:35pm, Fri 29 Jan, 2010

Check this page for information about Hotmail spam filters and how to avoid getting stuck in them:
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Re: Sending Issues

Postby jakeyo » 10:40am, Thu 04 Feb, 2010

CS2 wrote:Check this page for information about Hotmail spam filters and how to avoid getting stuck in them:

Thanks for directing me to this. After going through it all, and trying to figure out what might or might not work I did the following: (incase others need help)

It would appear that the emails were being classed as spam/bouncing straight back and not reaching their target inboxes.

I had to add a SPF Record to my DNS on the domain that I send my emails from. (Guide can be found on this site:

Then I went to the SenderID program that is run by Microsoft ( and then did a ' Sender ID SPF Record Submission Form'. Which is very easy to follow.

I accidentally did my SPF Record wrong the first time, so quickly changed it again.

Got an email saying that the domain was now on their SenderID list which is updated daily, so they would be pulling off my SPF Record once it was working... and now the emails get through. HORRAH!

Thanks for everyones help.

(I'll now be checking that I am safe with googlemail etc too...)
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