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Need Some Help

Postby topo81 » 6:44pm, Wed 10 Nov, 2010

Hello Everyone,

This is my first posing for the PHPList Community, and I really need someone to help me out here.

Here is the situation...
This is my site:
This is an example of what i sent by email as an HTML flyer:

I need to send about 45,000 Emails daily (7 days a week). Emails are divided into 3 databases of 15,000 emails each. I can send database #1 at 9am, the other at 3pm and the last one at 9pm.

1) Since my account is on a shared hosting, i cannot work this out. Does anyone know what would be my next step, if it is a dedicated server solution or cloud server? I want a reliable and economical company. I am open to all suggestions, since i know that a shared hosting would be impossible for this amounts to handle.

2) I need help to manage the bounced emails, hard and soft. I tried reading the other forums, but still got confused, what should I exactly do to activate this. Can someone help me directly? by skype, here, email, or phone?

I really need someone with experience on PHP to help me a bit here.... Thank you so much in advance for your time,

Mike P.

ps, i am willing to pay...
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NEED a PHP Expert for a few hours

Postby topo81 » 4:28pm, Thu 11 Nov, 2010


i just need a php expert to help me for a few hours.

i am willing to pay a reasonable price.

please contact me asap.

thank you,

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