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Developer Required

Postby ahfund » 2:51pm, Wed 05 Jan, 2011


I am interested in having a system dedicated to send e-mail campaigns separately by subscriber based on a model set of e-mails that I create. One of the big problems with Constant Contact like systems is that each user must create their own content,

On Firdya each day each user will receive a projected schedule of the following week's mail pieces that the system plans to send out to his or her clients. The subscriber will be able to edit the letter and upload it to replace the model letter. If no revised letter is received then the model piece will go out as orignally written.

The unique key for each mail piece would be in the format of 01012011m1 where obviously the date is the first part of the field and the "m1" stands for the first model letter for that day (there would rarely be multiple model letters sent out in one day). This would allow subscribers to create other pieces to mail out as in the name format of 01012011c1 where the date is followed by "c1" or "c2" for custom one or custom two, etc.

The system would check before mailing to verify that a 01012011m record existed in the subscriber's database. If so, it would not replace the existing file, just mail it. If not, then it would deposit the proposed e-mail into the subscriber's e-mail database and then mail it.

I would also want to have built a control panel so that each subscriber can review their flow of messages following undeliveries and click throughs. There's a lot more than this to the system idea but its enough to see if you are interested in working with me. Please reply if you are interested in quoting and I will provide greater detail.


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