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Sequential Autoresponder...

Postby mike40033 » 5:28am, Tue 08 Sep, 2009

I know there's a plugin available for sale that makes PHPList act as a sequential autoresponder - however, it would be almost trivial for someone familiar with the code to modify PHPlist to do this anyway.

All that would be required would be
* to insert the right SQL into the 'userselection' field of the 'message' table. (I've even written out the SQL on a piece of paper at home)
* to create a new 'message state', so that messages with this state would not get marked as 'sent' the first time they were sent (this needs changes to about 1 line of code)
* to create a page for administering the sequential autoresponder messages.
* to link that page in to the admin panel

Considering that
* PHPList is so fantastic already,
* that the ability to send out Message X to user Z exactly Y days after Z confirms would be a really useful feature for many people,
* that it would take about 1 day to code up, a week to test and 1 day to debug

Could this be made a permanent feature of PHPList from the next version on?

Pretty please??

Mike H...
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Re: Sequential Autoresponder...

Postby ultratux » 4:00am, Fri 04 Feb, 2011


I'm actually came looking at PHPList with this feature in mind, and am quite surprise that it does not have it. All other commercial autoresponders have this. Understand that this is open source, however, I would think that having this Sequential Autoresponder feature will be a main reason for many to switch over to PHPList :D


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