phplist expert needed for several tasks

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phplist expert needed for several tasks

Postby ajaisingh » 9:59am, Fri 11 Feb, 2011


I need a phplist expert who can help me with the following projects. You can contact me with a private message and send me your price.

1) Integrating phplist with Wordpress
2) Cleaning of mailing list emails
3) Cronjob is not working

1) Integrating phplist with Wordpress

Every time i write a new post in my blog (wordpress) i want the post to be sent automatically to one of my list in phplist

2) Clean the mailing list

- I want know how many emails are bounced. IF i go to Manage Bounces, i can see there the total bounces per list. But i want to know if the bounced emails are in the mailing list as actual subscribers.

If i edit some weird emails, i can see that they have 5 bounces but still are there as suscribed users. The box "disable the user" is still nor marked.

in the configuration of phplist, i set up initially that once an user reach 4 bounces, they could be eliminated. I waited for a a couple of months after i imported the list to phplist to see how many emails were deleted, but i still see same number of emails in the mailin list. No user or email has been removed from the list and that is impossile because there were a lot of emails that were not correct and not in use. Then i reset the counter and wait again but nothing happened.

So, something is wrong here or i am not able to interpret it. I need to know how many users has reached the thresold of 5 bounces and then i would think about deleting them from the list.

3) Crontab
For some reasons, the crontab for processing the emails and bounces is not working. I have tried several options but it is not working
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Re: phplist expert needed for several tasks

Postby btushar » 5:18pm, Sat 19 Feb, 2011

Installing a PHPList on a clean server is just a 15 minute task even with the cron job :) I do this on daily basis for more than 4 servers... need help? I can do it for you also..
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