Job Offer - PHPList setup

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Job Offer - PHPList setup

Postby dprod67 » 4:28pm, Sun 24 Apr, 2011

Hi guys,

The script has been installed on my server and configured to the best of my knowledge and few issues remain:

1) The Bounce feature doesn't seem to work. I sent a test email to two dummy email addresses and no bounces have been processed.
2) I use a template to send messages. The content part shows in both the HTML and the text version of the email i receive but the template content will only show in the HTML version.
3) I plan to send emails to 3000 subscribers weekly. I need PHPlist output settings (ie. Throttle, ... ) to be optimized to make sure my subscribers on these popular services get the emails.

Optionally I need a newsletter template designed and my weekly newsletter written every week.

I will pay by Paypal or WebMoney. Please send me a message.


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Re: Job Offer - PHPList setup

Postby btushar » 3:42am, Mon 25 Apr, 2011

post your config.php file here.
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Re: Job Offer - PHPList setup

Postby kitka » 2:39am, Sun 01 May, 2011

I have the same problem ever since I upgraded PHPList to 2.10.13
I also tried a completely fresh install with a fresh database and just created a test list including one dummy email and sent a message - all messages arrived to the active email addresses but no bounce was recorded.

As I say, it used to work before I upgraded.

I have other domains still running on 2.10.5 and they work fine!

Any suggestions welcome.
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Re: Job Offer - PHPList setup

Postby sstowell » 3:36pm, Sun 01 May, 2011

I generally expect to see 5 or more bounces from my monthly mailing, but since upgrading I get 0 bounces.

It is broken...

I recall having to do various mods to files a many upgrades back... but I have no idea if these now need to be redone, or if there is something else happening ....
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Re: Job Offer - PHPList setup

Postby kitka » 8:16am, Sun 15 May, 2011

Hey, I found something that fixed the problem for me!

In the config file I changed this line:

I changed the 1 to a 0 (that is, I've turned off PHPmailer) and that fixed it on the server where I was having this problem. The bounces are now arriving as they used to and I can process them.

Note that on some servers this seems to like being on 1, and on others 0 works. I don't know why. Maybe some hosts have some kind of conflict with PHPmailer...

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