send email to confirm unsubscription?

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send email to confirm unsubscription?

Postby h15 » 8:28am, Thu 07 Jul, 2011


can I configure phplist that the unsubscribe procedure is exactly like the subscribe procedure?

What I want if users UNSUBSCRIBE:
- click unsubscribe link in a mail or typing email-adress in form
-> get E-Mail with content: "please confirm unsubscription: [UNSUBSCRIBECONFIRMATIONURL]"
-> click on confirmation link
-> see page "successfully unsubscribe"

In the standard way everybode can unsubscribe othe users.

Thank you,

PS: I asked in the section "Question & Problems - after installing" the same thing in another way (viewtopic.php?f=24&t=36560). Probably I asked too complicated and/or in the wrong forum, so I created this new topic.

PPS: And YES, I searched a very long time for an answer for my question, in this board, in other boards and of course google was (in this way not) my best friend. And I saw hundreds of pages and all ar not answering my question :-(
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