500 Error when using Mail to List plugin

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500 Error when using Mail to List plugin

Postby jads » 12:26am, Mon 08 Oct, 2012

Hi there - I have set up PHPlist and mail to list successfully and tested it with a single list. When I tell Mail to List to process new emails, it works fine. However, once I set up more than 3 lists, I get a 500 Server Error. I can get Mail to List to process up to 2 lists successfully but if I try to add email settings to more than that, the above error occurs. It seems to appear with the error after a minute.

I have a total of 7 lists and 7 different email addresses (though all on the same server) to check. Is there anything I can do to resolve this? I've tried increasing the memory limit, execution time but it still happens after 60 seconds. I turned "magic_quotes_gpc" off in my php.ini also.
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