Logout every click

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Logout every click

Postby nico1979 » 5:51pm, Tue 12 Feb, 2013

I've upgrade the PHP version to 5.3.3 and I've noticed that PHPLIST log me out when I click a link.
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Re: Logout every click

Postby kerawa » 9:35am, Fri 15 Mar, 2013

I have the same damn issue, although it was working perfectly before (I didn't upgrade anything)
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Re: Logout every click

Postby Dragonrider » 2:36pm, Fri 15 Mar, 2013

Try looking in the lists/config/config.php file for this line (arround 160?)

Code: Select all

Change the 1 to a 0 and resave the config file, then try that.
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Re: Logout every click

Postby georgej » 4:34pm, Mon 01 Apr, 2013

Question to the folks having this type if problem - have you got it to work. I can't.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Logout every click

Postby johnjark » 2:21am, Sun 12 May, 2013

Thanks for the answer here.

Did the trick for me.


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