Our Company is Looking to Hire a PHP Developer

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Our Company is Looking to Hire a PHP Developer

Postby TheBigLive » 10:09pm, Wed 02 Nov, 2011

I am the head recruiter at Big Live (BigLive dot com) a web start-up in Culver City. We recently closed our second round of venture funding and we are looking for a brilliant and creative PHP lead.

Our mission (and obsession) is to provide publishers with engaging social experiences around the consumption of their video. We are not a white label solution, but rather an infrastructure play that we think will be key to the next iteration of the synchronous web.

Our belief is that we can create connections and incite communication between users who share demographic information and are watching the same thing at the same. Its an exciting concept and thought, and we're very much on the road to getting there.

The company is made up of ex VP of engineering from MySpace, Lucas Buck, ex Platform Architect at Vodofone, Christian Gribneau, and ex-EVP at US Robotics, Jon Zakin. There are a total of 10 people on the team.

I'd love to speak with you about the role if interested. You can reply to this post or email me at katherine.cowell@biglive.com

Looking forward to it,
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Re: Our Company is Looking to Hire a PHP Developer

Postby aanyad » 10:54am, Fri 26 Apr, 2013

Hey, my post is off topic but hope you will allow me.

Mod Edit: Yes, it's VERY off topic and spam to boot, so No, we don't allow that.
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