Changing database password after installing

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Changing database password after installing

Postby flo » 7:48am, Wed 01 May, 2013

PHPList has been installed and is working fine. But now I need to change the database password. Where would I change this in PHPList so that it can continue to access the database with the new password? In the PHPList config file or in the PHPList database?
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Re: Changing database password after installing

Postby Dragonrider » 7:52am, Wed 01 May, 2013

Assuming you can change your password to your database via your web space control panel, to allow your phpList installation to continue to access your database, with the new password, make the change quite early on in the lists/config/config.php file.
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Re: Changing database password after installing

Postby deedub » 7:14pm, Sat 30 Nov, 2013

I'm running 3.0.2 and in my config.php file the database password is shown encrypted (good!). So, if I change the database password in my web space 'My SQL Manager', do I just type in the new (unencrypted) password to config.php? I'm guessing the answer is 'no'.

My problem is that stupidly I didn't record the database password at the time of installation, so I'm stuck now. If I change the psw in the 'My SQL Manager' without changing the corresponding psw in PHP List, I'll be locked out.

The only solution I can see is that I'll have to re-install PHP List, which is a pain (but of my own making, so I can't really complain).


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