Customizing Subscribe and Thank You pages

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Customizing Subscribe and Thank You pages

Postby jeniveve » 11:40pm, Thu 28 Mar, 2013

I have searched the forum as best I could to find these but didn't find a reference to them, any help would be appreciated.

I have successfully installed and configured every so that people can join and that works fine so far with 2 small exceptions...On the generated Subscribe page there is a link at the bottom that says "Unsubscribe", I would like to remove that link. Also, on the "thank you" page subscribers get once they subscribe, I would like to remove the appearance of the name of the list(s) and the title(s) the person subscribed to when they joined. I have already removed the line that says, "The newsletter lists you are subscribed to are listed below" by editing the and the files but the link and list of files I can't find an include for or a setting for these anywhere in the config choices...


I guess the answer is custom subscribe pages...Not sure but after 63 views and no replies, maybe it can't be done in phplist. If I figure it out I will let you all know.
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Re: Customizing Subscribe and Thank You pages

Postby HugoW » 12:19pm, Sun 12 May, 2013

Hi Jen,

I've been trying to remove the unsubscribe link there too. Think I finally found it:

In "lists/index.php" line 527 (at least in my version) it says:
<p><a href="'.getConfig("unsubscribeurl").'&id='.$id.'">'.$GLOBALS["strUnsubscribe"].'</a></p>

Commenting this out should do the trick.

Good luck,
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Re: Customizing Subscribe and Thank You pages

Postby francsutherland » 2:39pm, Tue 18 Jun, 2013

Hi Jen,

To remove the ' you are subscribed to these lists bit' you have to edit index.php

It is in function confirmPage($id) which starts on line 528 for me.
If you comment this line (line 577)
$res .= $html;

it should drop that.

Hope it works for you.

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