Bounce fails to authenticate on MediaTemple Gridserver

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Bounce fails to authenticate on MediaTemple Gridserver

Postby mckeephoto » 8:02pm, Wed 29 May, 2013

Hey folks,

I am hoping someone here has successfully run PHPList on a Mediatemple Gridserver.

I am struggling to get the bounce processing to work correctly. I have set the host, user and password and checked them to see if I can sign in with a web browser. They all seem to work.

$bounce_mailbox_host = '';
$bounce_mailbox_user = ' ';
$bounce_mailbox_password = 'xxxxxxx';

But, the bounce_mailbox_port setting does not work.




gets Cannot create POP3 connection to Can not authenticate to POP3 server: Authentication failed.

And, "110/pop3" gets me a certificate failure, Server name does not match certificate.

Anyone have a work around/fix for this?
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