Only superadmins can send messages?

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Only superadmins can send messages?

Postby Louwrens » 10:48am, Thu 21 Nov, 2013

Hello all,

I am using Chrome and Firefox.
and phplist 3.05

I made a admin only with read statistics and make messages.
But after he walks through the wizard en ends at step 5 the message is not direct send to all people. He has to wait for the superadmin to finish the last step and send the message.

Is it not possible to give that user rights to send messages directly?
Or is it necessary to be a superadmin?

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Re: Only superadmins can send messages?

Postby duncanc » 8:50pm, Thu 21 Nov, 2013

In phplist 3 only a super-admin has the process queue command.
You might want to look at creating a cron job that runs periodically to process the queue. Then the ordinary admins would have to wait only until the next run of the cron job for their messages to be sent.
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