Repeating Problems When Viewing in Outlook

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Repeating Problems When Viewing in Outlook

Postby marwaremas » 9:13pm, Wed 01 Jan, 2014

Many of the subscribers that get emails I send out use Outlook and they are always having issues with the messages. If the images in the email have been updated they will still see the images from the old message. Would this be an issues of them having to clear their cache or refresh their browser? I know it's help me to see updated images from the blast in the past. When I'm using Gmail, I don't have this problem. I'm not familiar with Outlook and don't use it (use Gmail instead).
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Re: Repeating Problems When Viewing in Outlook

Postby Heritage » 4:54am, Wed 19 Feb, 2014

This would not be a platform issue, but a developer issue with the layout of your HTML.

So first start with here to validate your HTML and see if from a functional perspective you need to clean up some code:

Then the best way to know is test your code here:

If your using P tags you might find using separate TRs and TDs is best practice. You could cheat with BR tags, but really it comes down to some dev time in how your code stacks up.

Hope the above helps. It is not always easy to design collapsable clean code for outlook.

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