Forward from email ? Can it...

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Forward from email ? Can it...

Postby Winjas » 5:33pm, Tue 14 Jan, 2014

Hi, new here and totally new to phplist so go gentle.!

I am admin, tech geek etc for a community club and pretty much the only tech savvy person in the club, many pensioners and folk that can just about turn on a PC, but pretty much everyone can use email ok.

What i am wanting to do, "IF" phplist can do this is:

Setup a mailing list (list of emails) that i can somehow assign a master email to forward from, so for example.. A list of our committee members and an address, and if a person emails to it then forwards there email to all the emails in the list "committee". And likewise is someone emails it then forwards there email to all emails in the "members" list.

I originally looked at just doing this from my hosts CPanel just using a basic email forwarder but of course forwarding to 30+ emails not really viable if even possible in CPanel! So i was hoping phplist can help me do this? Can it?

I know the list side of things it will do ok, but is there a way it can "grab" an email to specific address like above and then "forward" that email out to all in list?

Reason is, currently all our non tech savvy members etc are trying to send emails to 20-30 other emails by CCing them all in, people get forgotten, some people can't CC properly etc etc. You get the idea, i am just trying to make a simple way for all our members to easily send round a message to everyone (and likewise the committee etc too) by simply them sending one email to one address.

And of course as new members come and go, i as admin can edit the list and nobody else need worry about "did the new family get my message" etc..

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Re: Forward from email ? Can it...

Postby duncanc » 12:51pm, Thu 16 Jan, 2014

phplist doesn't do what you are describing. But cpanel will do that job for you anyway. Create a forwarder for each member of your committee. It might be a bit lengthy to setup but then unless you have a high turnover the maintenance is minimal. I use this approach for over 30 email addresses.

Cpanel also has a "mailing list" icon, but I don't know what the software behind that actually is.
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