Not Sending Mail and no display Error...

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Not Sending Mail and no display Error...

Postby topmaverick » 1:33pm, Fri 24 Jan, 2014

Hello to All,
I installed phplist 3.0.5 and I uploaded about 3,700,000 boxes of email registered users to my community ... I'm trying to send a newsletter but to no avail as it remains locked web page with this inscription

3777401 still to process
Sent: 26 "

and without giving me errors or anything else, do not send me email ... I tried to relaunch the process several times but without success ...
The configuration that I tried to apply is the following:

define ('MAX_PROCESS_MESSAGE', 1);
define ("batch size", 0);
define ("MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD", 3600);
define ('USE_DOMAIN_THROTTLE', 0);

I would love to use phplist for my newsletter but if I can not do mailings is a problem :-)

Thanks for the help!

Have a nice day
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Re: Not Sending Mail and no display Error...

Postby Dragonrider » 2:38pm, Tue 28 Jan, 2014

I think batch size should be MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE

Also, what are your host's limits on email sending?
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