Fetch emails from mysql database

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Fetch emails from mysql database

Postby nishith » 11:37am, Fri 24 Jan, 2014


I am working on phplist since 3 years & happy to gain sufficient knowledge.

Right Now, as per the client requirement, I would like to know whether below system can work with PHPLIST OR NOT.

We have a dot.net based application with a web interface to handle multiple tasks using a single web console. This includes "sending emails" too. The database is based on MySQL.

Now, I am searching the capability of phplist to fetch "emails from backend MySQL" Database. Here, phplist will be responsible to send emails using authorized email server. As phplist has certain important reporting features like,

* Boundced EMails
* Mail Delivery in INBOX
* Deleted EMail without opening it....

....it is possible to provide same reporting data back to dot.net based web application?

Here, end user will get email related information using dot.net based web application only & no need to use phplist wb console. Means, PHPLIST will act as a mediator in between dot.net application & email server.

Is it possible?

Nishith N.Vyas
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Re: Fetch emails from mysql database

Postby danwaterloo » 1:20am, Tue 04 Feb, 2014

Hello Nishith,

I think there are two questions you have posed:
1. CAN the system do all of this?
2. Is it practical to write the code to do all of this?

1. By itself, phplist cannot read straight out of another database to import records and send emails. The way I do this with a customer is export their emails from another database, and then import into the phplist system. There are many checks that happen during the import, i.e. check the email address, look to see if it exists in the system already, subscribe it to a list, create or update records in the various tables (the main contact table is 'phplist_user_user').

It is possible to generate your own report out of the database, using your own queries (I use MySQL workbench to interface with the database for this), generate the reports, and then push those reports/updates into the .net application. You would need to develop this on your own.

That brings us to 2....
2. There is a field in the phplist_user_user table called "foreignkey" which can relate your contact in phplist back to a record in an external database. That would allow you to query the phplist database directly from your other application/database. This might make it easier to implement, but you would need to think this through if it's worthwhile or not. Also, note that the phplist database changes from time to time, and it could possibly change in a way that 'breaks' your custom queries... :-(
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