BUG: Processqueue infinite loop user@domain.comuser2@domain

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BUG: Processqueue infinite loop user@domain.comuser2@domain

Postby vpatron » 4:05pm, Tue 29 May, 2007

Hi folks,

I found that the processqueue will get stuck in an infinite loop if two email address get concatenated accidentally. That is, it keeps trying to send over and over and over to that one address but keeps failing because it's a bad address.

Email format like this: "user1@domain1.comuser2@domain2.com" will be imported and NOT flagged as invalid.

Of course the ISP fails it because it's invalid, but processqueue keeps trying to send it every batch time.

Can you folks add a check in the import function to guard against two @ signs?


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Postby Hernol » 12:55pm, Wed 30 May, 2007

Can you add a bug report into mantis? mantis.phplist.com
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Postby btoland » 9:33am, Sun 03 Jun, 2007

I'm having exactly the same trouble - my main DB spits out the occasional concatenated email such as:


_dot_ = "."
As I'm a newbie here parser seems to think anything with a "." in it is a URL and I'm not allowed to post URLs.... more parsing problems!

This is a real pain because as the queue processing sits in this loop I'm not sure if all my mails went out. I suspect they are not from some spot checks I've done with some members who were on the list.

This is a very serious problem for me as I don't have any easy way to parse my email lists to ensure they don't have any "doubles" like above (I had hoped "reconcile users" would do this for me) and so I can't rely on phplist for now. :(

Anyway, can you let me know if this has been submitted to mantis and what the bug number is so that I can track the solution?

Also, does anyone know an easy way to parse an email list so that I can try to manually pull out these "doubles" in the short term?

I'm a C/C++/Java programmer but have only done some minor hacking in PHP so far. Running windoze and Linux on laptop and phplist on a shared hosting plan. Main membership db is ancient inherited Access beast... work in progress to port to a real DB but having to learn as I go....

Many thanks.
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Re: BUG: Processqueue infinite loop user@domain.comuser2@dom

Postby TommyKaneko » 9:31am, Fri 11 Nov, 2011

I can also confirm that the following email address was not picked up by "find users who have an invalid email" option under "manage users">"reconcile users".

The "<" symbol should have been picked up as invalid, but it was not...
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