processqueue locked in infinite loop - how to stop ?

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processqueue locked in infinite loop - how to stop ?

Postby evski » 3:28am, Mon 12 Nov, 2007

My PHPList installation has been working well but yesterday i sent a test email and now the processqueue seems to be locked in an infinite loop

Logging in and out does not help - as soon as I go to Process Queue it comes up with "processing"

I have tried deleting all messages through the admin panel and there appear to be no queued messages.

I have also searched on the help forums and cant seem to find anything relevant although there are some reported problems with two emails concatenated ( which i may have done but don't think so ) causing this loop but no mention of how to stop the processqueue loop

I have also dabbled through phpMyAdmin in attempt to work out what is going on but I am a little out of my depth and didn't see anything obvious to fix

Any help / ideas appreciated.

Running PHPList v 2.10.4
MYSql 5.0.22
PHP 4.4.7
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Postby H2B2 » 8:13pm, Mon 12 Nov, 2007

MySQL 5.0.22 seems to have a bug that could influence sending, though it has not been reported to result in this type of behaviour.

Have you tried creating a new message and sending it to a test list? While testing you could try disabling batch processing in config.php and only use the mailqueue throttle.
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