Is there any limit to the email ids in list.

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Is there any limit to the email ids in list.

Postby Chandan13 » 2:46am, Wed 11 Apr, 2007


I have many email lists. My test list contains 5 test email ids (of my hotmail, yahoo, gmail, AOL and other id).

My users list contains 60 email ids only.

My Genuine email list contains 500 email idsand there is another email list contains 600 email ids.

When I used to send email to my Test list earlier, I used to get all the emails on time and correctly delivered. When I sent emails to my User list of 60 ids. There was no problem either.

When I sent mail to the other two lists with 500 and 600 email ids. It got stuck. It just wont sent email and I used to get Mail delivery failure in my mailbox. All of them. I had incorporated [USERTRACK] in all my mails and have the bounce track enabled. I can see that even though the 500 emails failed but around 3-4 emails still got delivered. I am very sure that all the email ids are currently in working condition.

I then found out there there must be some issue coz the Throttle and other settings were not set. I had set the <b>MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE</b> to 180 and Throttle to 6 seconds define<b>('MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE',6);</b>.

This was the time since when I have stopped getting email even in my Test email Ids.

Coz as I presume that every time I try to send email to my Test email ids I get this message when I click on the Process message queue link:

Sending in batches of 180 emails
This batch will be 63 emails, because in the last 3600 seconds 117 emails were sent
Sent in last run: 117
Skipped in last run: 0
Processing has started, 1 message(s) to process.
Please leave this window open. You have batch processing enabled, so it will reload several times to send the messages. Reports will be sent by email to samplumemailid.
Processing message 32
Looking for users
Found them: 0 to process
Processed 0 out of 0 users
Hmmm, No users found to send to
It took 15 hours 35 mins 52 secs to send this message
Script stage: 3
Finished, Nothing to do
Finished, All done

Seems like my previous messages are still stuck coz the number of messages increase everytime and all the email get deilvered to as Not delivered in my inbox for bounces.

Please help, I had been doing a lot of study of PHPLIST but it seems like there is a lot that needs to be studied before sending my first email. I have been going through the documentations as well.

Should I keep my list sizes not more than 75-100. Should I remove the throttling and other batch settings.

What should I do. Please advice,


Please note that, since I found out about phplist later. I had already a program and a webpage in place to get the subscriptions in a separate database. I simply import the emails from that database as a csv file and user the [Firstname] attribute to address the users.
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